Complete EPoS Solutions Ltd
Complete EPoS Solutions Ltd


REF: ES002

WebEPoS WebEpos is a new way for retailers to handle till operations, bringing you full featured till systems at a fraction of the cost.

Traditional electronic point of sale (EPoS) till systems are programmes installed on your PC till system, which can be a problem for small business owners and managers who like to work at home, out of trading hours, studying any of the many sales and stock reports, or simply updating prices and products. Our EPoS system is part of the new trend in ‘cloud computing’ which means that the software is held securely on our servers and can be accessed by you from any computer from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The till can be used with a traditional keyboard and mouse, or has a touchscreen feature for people with a touchscreen monitor.

Complete Epos Solutions Ltd has at the forefront developing innovative and feature rich EPoS systems for large and small retailers. As budgets become tight we felt it was time to write a low cost system, which still carried all the main features of our top performing systems, but without the contract period, the need to send out disks and with the advantage the customer could increase or even decrease the features, depending on prevailing budgets and trading conditions, and very importantly, can be used on a standard cheap PC without expensive equipment, but giving the user the option to add a barcode reader, receipt printer or a cash drawer using USB ports