Welcome to CES

Complete EPoS Solutions Ltd (CES) was formed following co-operation between GB Systems and Game Guide Publications. The company operates out of offices in Walsall and was created to service Game Guide EPoS customers and to develop and market new systems for other retail applications.

CES has just launched Manage Inn, a hospitality EPoS system for pubs, bars and restaurants, and already has a specialised EPoS system for meat traders and supermarkets that require temperature controlled stock acceptance and storage.

CES also collects data from the Game Guide EPoS systems to compile the weekly indie charts for MCV, the video and games market's leading newspaper, and is instrumental in getting retailers, publishers and distributors to work together.

With the latest technology in EPoS hardware, together with our unique pricing structure, CES offers retailers affordable EPoS Systems, which are competitive and able to out-perform systems used by many of the major retailers.

Now used throughout the UK and Ireland in over 200 stores