Windows 10

Does EPOS work with Windows 10?

Yes, the EPOS software does work with Windows 10, however it does require careful installation

Install V5 first, then the V6 upgrade and finally the latest EPOS program

During the V5 and V6 installation, the default installation directory must be changed away from c:\program files... We suggest creating a new directory c:\epos\ and installing into there

Game Gude EPOS

I want to see what the Game Guide EPoS System does and how it will benefit my company?

Download and install the software. When asked for a licence key, enter TRIAL. This will grant full access to the system but will disable the update sale button so that sales cannot be completed. If you want to take it further, contact Complete EPoS Solutions for a short term licence key.

If I don't agree with all of the prices in the Game Guide update because of my overstocks, how can I update all my prices and keep the overstock prices unchanged?

Under the 'PRODUCTS' menu, when decreasing/increasing prices manually, tick 'Skip GG Updates'. Then when you update your database at the change of the Game Guide month it will automatically skip these titles prices.

Why haven't I received my email with my Game Guide update for this month?

Please check that you have paid your monthly subscription. Also recheck all emails. If you still do not have your Game Guide Update please then contact Complete EPoS Solutions.

I have purchased a new computer to store the database on and my old licence key will not work on my new computer installation?

Licence keys are generated against a unique checkword that the installation generates. Please reinstall Game Guide EPoS Software, Click 'HELP' then 'ABOUT' to find checkword. Then contact Complete EPoS Systems with your new checkword.

I have my Game Guide Update emailed to me every month. How do I save it to the correct folder?

Save the Zip file attachment from your email to your hard drive. Extract the database from the Zip file. Move the extracted database into the 'data' directory of your EPoS installation.

Every time I try to complete a sale I get an Error message which tells me the database may be corrupted?

Go to the OPTIONS menu. Untick 'Game Guide Lookup' and then try another sale. This is happening because you either haven't got the correct current database file, or the name has been altered in the CONTROL panel. When you get the correct Game Guide database then retick 'Game Guide Lookup' in the OPTIONS menu. Also check the location of the Game Guide in the Game Guide update screen.

I cannot remember how to update my database?

Go to Control > 'Game Guide Update'. Click NEW Game Guide Disk. This should open up a browse screen. Highlight the Game Guide Database on the right hand side and click OK. Tick the options that you normally tick and press UPDATE.

Are there any shortcuts on the keyboard that I can use to speed up the process of serving customers?

  • F2 - Sale
  • F3 - Part exchange
  • F4 - Rental out/Deposit In (Whether you do rentals)
  • F5 - Return
  • F6 - Search for the previous record on the product/sales screen.
  • F7 - Search for the next record on the product/sales screen.
  • F8 - Payment methods
  • F9 - Update
  • F12 - Search
  • ALT - Toggles between menus.
  • ARROW KEYS - These are also used to navigate the menu options.
  • ESC - This closes the current menu
  • ALT + (Whatever is underlined on the menu screen). For example: On the sales screen details screen if you press and HOLD ALT then press 1 it would move cursor to PART Number. ALT and 2 moves to Account selection

I've received my Game Guide Update and it has a Zip extension. When I try to update my Game Guide it wont see it?

A Zip file is a compressed version of a file. All modern versions of Windows have the facility to uncompress files from a Zip file usually by right-clicking on the Zip file and selecting extract from the menu displayed

What is the BBFC Rating and what does it mean?

The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) is a legal body that controls the classification of games, dvdís, videos and other products. Any item that has a BBFC rating attached MUST be adhered to! Failure in this can lead to legal proceedings.


Why does my new Metrologic barcode scanner keeps putting a 0 at the start of every barcode I scan?

This is due to a scanner configuration setting. The fix for this is located on the 'Downloads' page under 'Metrologic Pulsar C CCD Scanner Configuration Manual'.

I've just copied my Game Guide database from the main machine in the shop to my laptop to do work at home. Why am I getting database errors?

You need to have copied over both your shop database and the monthly Game Guide data update.

What type of hardware do I need?

The software is designed to use EPSON or EPSON compatible serial printers. Modern PCs no longer come with serial ports so a USB-Serial convertor is required to create a serial port. Modern receipt and label printers mostly have USB connections, however some come with software that creates a virtual serial port on the PC that the software can use


I am getting messages telling me my licence key is about to expire. What should I do?

First of all check that you have paid for your licence keys for the next month or the time period you are paying for (check with your bank to see if the Standing Order that you set up has been paid), then check that your account is fully up to date. If everything appears to be in order then phone Complete EPoS Systems for further help.


How much does it cost?

The first PC (server) at a location costs £58.00* per month. Subsequent PCs (clients) networked to the server cost £9.60* per month

Backoffice PCs used for analysis, reporting, maintenance etc, that wont process sales, can use the software free of charge

* Prices are ex.VAT and for payment by standing order only. Payments made on our website via PayPal will have PayPal's processing fee added and be slightly higher