Game Guide E

Point-of-sale system for video games retailers

The Game Guide is the nationally distributed database listing every known console and PC video game on current and retro formats. Published every month since 1993, the guide is an invaluable aid for any independent business dealing in video games, whether wholesale or retail, including video and computer shops and markets.

The Game Guide tracks the 'real' price of current games, giving them realistic used values and taking into account trade discounting and stock dumping. The Game Guide also lists the discount prices the High Street chain stores are selling games for. The PC based electronic version allows current subscribers to build their own price database and even move the database to other branches and other system with a valid licence key, allowing retailers to see what is happening nationally and adjust their prices to reflect local competition and their own stock holdings.

Many retailers are dealing in the lucrative second-hand games market, taking advantage of the millions of games in circulation with a self re-generating stock system. The Game Guide gives your business a competitive edge that ensures you are buying and selling games at the best possible prices to help you maintain customer loyalty by selling used games cheaper than they can be bought new. The Game Guide is also an instant reference to make sure you do not buy games for more than they can be bought through distribution channels. Over three hundred retailers use the Game Guide and they tell us that it is a major contribution to their ongoing success.

Game Guide E starts at £18 (Ex VAT) per month when bought as a pre-paid annual subscription. Three and six month pre-paid subscriptions also available.

  • Tells you which games are on sale in the High Street, including titles available through the trade at discounted prices.
  • Lists new releases, with known retail prices.
  • Publishes viable used buy and sell values for console games.
  • Features a growing database of 'Sales Notes' to give staff 'instant' product knowledge.
  • Works with a standard hand held USB barcode scanner, so information is instantly displayed.
  • New data is emailed directly to subscribers every month.
  • Euro currency convertor available.