Game Guide EPOS

Point-of-sale system for video games retail stores

Game Guide EPoS System is the market-leading electronic point-of-sale system for video games retail and rental stores.

Preloaded with over 30,000 games titles across all platforms it is updated monthly with adjusted prices, new releases and game descriptions. The Game Guide EPoS System helps to organise your business and allows you to instantly compare your store prices against the market place.

Feature packed, comprehensive and easy-to-use, Game Guide EPoS System has been specifically developed for the video games market and runs from a standard PC running Microsoft Windows® XP/7/8/10 operating systems.

Game Guide EPoS System enables full stock control of new and pre-owned units and speeds up the process of part-exchange and rental. You can add peripherals and other products using your own prices, organise loyalty schemes and take payments from a wide variety of methods.

Game Guide EPoS System features multi-site connectivity between retail outlets, allowing managers to synchronise their systems and prices across their stores and manage stock levels between branches.

Features of the Game Guide EPoS System

Game Guide monthly updates

Electronic link to the Game Guide with over 33,000 preloaded new and retro titles and updated monthly

Full stock control

Keep full control of new and second-hand goods, including units with no instructions, box etc to help reduce any 'stock loss' you may suffer from

Multi-site connectivity

Share stock and sales analysis between retail outlets, distribute price changes electronically to ensure consistency of prices, monitor other branches stock on one report to help equalise stock levels between sites

Deposit schemes

The system allows managers to run pre-orders and savings clubs

Bar code scanning

Bar code entry improves transaction time. You can even print your own barcode labels for unboxed items. Products can have multiple barcodes

Flexible sales screen

Allowing staff to perform powerful stock searches. Gives a variety of payment methods and allows active sales screen to be 'parked' so other transactions can be performed without losing the original transaction


Comprehensive reporting, including: stock valuation, history, profitability management analysis on busy and quiet days and many more

PEGI & BBFC warnings

Automatically advises staff when selling items with a BBFC rating to check customer age

Mixed payment methods

Allows a customer to make a payment using a wide variety of methods

Part exchange or cash purchase from the customer

You can buy back games from the customer either in part-exchange or just offer cash. There can be a different value for each. Sales and part exchange can be done on one transaction and therefore one receipt


You can print a quotation for the customer showing sales, part exchange or cash prices

Loyalty scheme

Customer information can be stored, even a photograph. Sales information of the customer is retained to provide a history of transactions


You can reserve stock items as rental items. The system can trace rentals in/out and calculate any overdue charges due

VAT analysis

Full VAT analysis is provided even calculating VAT due on second hand sales according to the Global Accounting Scheme

Professional image

Give your outlet the professional look using modern technology. If you're still writing product titles on the back of receipts to prevent your customers using it to bring an older title back, think how much smarter itemised, printed receipts would look

Runs from a standard PC

The Game Guide EPoS System runs under Microsoft Windows® XP/7/8/10 operating systems.